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Two decades after changing the sport of wakeboarding with the first performance wakeboard boat, MasterCraft Boat Company (NASDAQ: MCFT) today announced the newest iteration of its iconic XStar. The completely redesigned 2018 MasterCraft XStar dev=buts as the highest performing, most technologically advanced wake-specific boat in the industry, once again setting the standard for those who demand the very best.

"With the new XStar, the original wakeboard boat has again become the unbeatable," said Terry Mcnew, President and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. "Over 21 years, our engineers' charter for the XStar has remained the same: do whatever it takes to outperform and progress the sport. For 2018, MasterCraft is the only company that has what the XStar can deliver: the biggest wake in existence and our exclusive digitally-enhanced driving and entertainment experience."

Unprecedented wake and driving performance

Living up to the performance expectations of the iconic XStar brand, the highest performing XStar ever will enable the next level of progression in wakeboarding and wake surfing. Whether its Himalaya-sized double-ups or massive, customizable surf waves, the 23-foot XStar has it handled through a combination of key features. The XStar debuts a radical new wake-specific hull design that can be equipped with 4,100 lbs. of ballast, the largest towboat ballast in the industry, that is achieved with a new midship ballast tank that enhances the wake and improves wake surfing performance. The final element enabling the XStar's profound wake is the optional, award-winning Gen 2 Surf System that creates three zones of perfectly sculpted, customizable surf. Enhancing the wake-friendly operation is a new MasterCraft innovation, the FastFill Ballast System that speeds time to towing by filling the XStar's ballast tanks under three minutes.

The driving performance of the XStar also was enhanced thanks to a new custom rudder design that enables next-level nimble handling. The XStar also can be optioned with the award-winning DockStar Handling System, a revolutionary flanking rudder system that makes maneuvering in tight spots and crowded marinas a breeze.

Luxury meets state-of-the art function

With room for 16 passengers, the XStar offers an intelligently designed, more spacious and comfortable interior paired with MasterCraft's exclusive technology that revolutionizes the driving and entertainment experience. Key new innovations for the 2018 model year are standard features in the XStar: MasterCraft's Dual-Screen Dash control and a superior Klipsch Audio sound system.

The proprietary Dual-Screen Dash simplifies and enhances the on-board experience with technology that tunes the boat's operations to three usage modes: drive, tow and chill. The Dual-Screen Dash improves helm styling and ergonomics, integrates with consumer technology devices and provides important diagnostic information, navigation and even tutorial videos. The operating modes also control the premium audio output.

The XStar also delivers the best sound on the water with standard customizable Klipsch Audio systems, exclusive to MasterCraft. Klipsch Audio's MasterCraft - proprietary marine speakers and amplification solutions crate a heavy-hitting, customizable concert-style entertainment experience that also is paired to each driving mode with the Dual-Screen Dash.

The XStar will come standard with the easy-folding, gas shock assisted ZFT4 tower as new standard equipment. The ZFT7 Power Tower is an additional tower upgrade option on the XStar. The XStar is powered by the latest General Motors engines marinized exclusively for MasterCraft by Ilmor Marine, including an Ilmor 5500 GDI V8 (5.3L) as standard equipment. Two Ilmor motor options are also available, including the direct injection 6000 GDI V8 (6.2L), or the boldest engine in the MasterCraft arsenal, the Ilmor 7000 MPI V8 (7.4L).

Like all MasterCraft boats, the XStar comes with the best warranty on the water, the five year MasterCare protection plan. hand-built by "Master Craftsmen" in the company's U.S.-based manufacturing facility, MasterCraft boats are constructed with quality and reliability in mind resulting in the highest resale values in the industry.

XStar Specifications:

  • Length: 23' | 7.01 M
  • Width Amidship: 102" | 2.59 M
  • Interior Width: 87" | 2.21 M
  • Dry Weight: 5,800 LBS | 2,631 KG
  • Ballast Weight:3,200 LBS | 1,451 KG to 4,100 LBS | 1,859 KG
  • Fuel Capacity: 76 G | 288 L
  • Seating: 16 People
  • Storage: 122 cubic feet | 3.46 cubic meters
  • Hull: Vector Drive
  • Color Options: Infinite

Through the years, the XStar enables generations of athletes to achieve the unthinkable. In the North Carolina high country, brought six of the world's best wakeboard athletes together for a private, closed water session to ride the ultimate wake and unlock the perfect lin on the 2018 XStar. Please view their experience at the following link:



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